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Whether you need a booklet, a web video, or a full-featured newsletter, we can provide design, writing, photographic, and production services.

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About Us

VisionWorks Studio got started in 2010, working with local small businesses and community organizations needing print production and web design resources. We specialize in helping clients identify and clarify their message, and devising creative, affordable ways to reach a target audience. If you know you need professionally-produced materials, but aren't sure where to start, we can help guide you through the expanding universe of traditional and digital marketing options.

For many businesses, adding web content and keeping up with technical changes is a daunting prospect. We draw on our own business experience to offer flexible, inexpensive site manager services that help you keep your site fresh and make sure your visitors check in frequently.

Our technical and graphics specialists have years of experience helping small businesses, professionals, and non-profit organizations develop print materials and unique web presentations. A sophisticated technology platform and leading-edge tools allow us to work enjoyably and effectively with both local and remote clients.

When a project requires additional resources, VisionWorks Studio partners with other experienced writers, editors, artists, and photographers, coordinating all aspects of the job to ensure great results.

Services What Can We Do for You?

Graphic Design & Production

We can execute your ideas for a range of print materials, from quick, inexpensive event flyers and posters to permanent business signage. Or we can work with you to develop branding and creative concepts for your business or organization.

  • Brochures, flyers and posters
  • Business cards, ads, decals, bumperstickers
  • Temporary or permanent interior or exterior signs


When you need a well-crafted written message, we can help. If you just need to update your marketing materials, let us refine and refresh them. Or we can work from a concept and create something new.

  • Ad, brochure, and catalog copy
  • Articles and items for blogs or websites
  • Informational and instructional materials

Web Design

These days a majority of web browsing happens on the go, not at a computer. It's vital that your website look great on any size screen. That's why we design responsive websites that adjust to fit any screen dimension. We'd love to show you just how your own site would look on a variety of devices.

Video Presentations & Photography

We design and produce dynamic, multi-media video presentations using still images, video footage, music, text animations, and voiceover narration. We also have years of experience providing high quality photography for residential or commercial properties.

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Join Us on Facebook!

A classic example of the cobbler's kids who have no shoes, VisionWorks has been operating without a Facebook page for the past year or so. No more! We're up and running and rarin' to go -- please join us, and we'll keep posting fresh new information about web and graphic design of interest to small businesses, organizations, and creative individuals of all types.

By the way - see something you think we'd enjoy reading? Have a question about using technology to promote and develop your business? Please let us know!

New VWS Website Launches

We like to use our own website as a lab for experimenting with new developments in web design, and this month we updated our entire site as a very lightweight, mobile-friendly page that still works great on laptop screens and computer monitors. Why use a one-page design? The benefits come from the reduced amount of code that has to be loaded, because all the content is contained in a single document, rather then multiple documents as is customary for most websites. This makes pages fast to load and lighter on bandwith, always important for folks paying for mobile access.

The design encourages a concise, clear style for both images and text - not a bad thing for any kind of web communication!

Something Useful AND Fun!

We had fun this week creating special signs for a client's warehouse. They needed to be able to put them on the inside of the warehouse window so they'd be protected from the elements, but wanted to be able to change which window they were in from time to time. Answer? Heavy-duty static cling material, which is available in opaque and transparent versions. A reasonable-cost solution to one problem, but many other uses come to mind!

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